The Comparison “Tamasha”  





 As Hitler said; “If you compare yourself to others, you are insulting your own self”.

Comparison all around

My neighbor said, “Yaar meri beti ko to kaam karna bilkul pasand nahi hai, tu thoda samjha, tere jaise training wagarah karle”.

“Parents often compare their children, uska beta to foreign gaya $50,000 kama raha hai, aab tum bhi tayari karo and jao.


Mr Agrawal ki beti ne IIM se MBA kiya, 25 lakh ka package laga hai tum bhi tayari shuru kar do CAT ki tayari”

If parents say, “I feel you have potential to crack CAT”, it still makes sense.

Success measure by what a person earns

Unfortunately, the one criteria to know someone is successful or not is by the amount he/she is earning.

No one is bothered about other factors like passion, zeal, commitment, hard work, dedication…?

No one ever tells yaar woh aapna passion follow kar raha hai and he is really happy why don’t you also see what your passion is and make your career around it?

Disheartening to see youth comparing themselves

I see students comparing each other, one of my students said; “Ma’am aab mere friends itne sare courses kar rahe hai, mujhe bhi karna chahiye, else I will be left out”.

Getting inspired is 1 thing, comparing your life is altogether different game!

What Kareena Kapoor said on comparison?

I saw talk show where Kareena Kapoor said “I don’t understand how people compare new actors with experienced one, everyone is unique”!

Ill-effects and reasons of comparison

Comparison takes you to negative zone, it badly ruins your relationships with others. It is like a poison, it kills you.

I have seen people who have made their lives hell because they are never happy with what they have, just compare and whatever good they have that also vanishes with time.

When you compare one person to another, you are not accepting the person.

People who compare are the ones who lack attitude of gratitude, have low self-   esteem, and are highly insecure. They become reason of their unhappiness

What is the solution?

As beautiful line from sultan movie song is “Jaisee tu hai wiasee rehna“, it implies accepting people from your heart and let them be what they are.

Antidote for this is treasure what you have, enjoy uniqueness that you carry, if you really want to compare, compare your yesterday with today and make yourself each day better !

Rather than feeling sad someone has better car than you, why don’t appreciate and take it as an inspiration. Rather than feeling worst your classmates are doing better than you, why not write your strengths and revolve your career around it? Rather than being jealous of a couple who are perfect for each other, why not make an attempt to better your relationship?

 Let’s be thankful for what all we have, rather than focusing on what all we don’t have.













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