The “Happiness” Quotient

happinessThe Science of happiness

The Hippocampus is the area of human brain responsible for happiness and positive memories. As per the survey, in the whole world the happiest people live in Iceland, and at 16th number is America, couldn’t see India anywhere. Also, healthy people are 20% happier than average. Exercise releases proteins and endorphins that makes the brain feel happier.

Discovered “Happiness”

While doing art of living course, instructed asked, “When will you be happy”? There were varied responses such as…

  • When I will have my dream job
  • When she will say “Yes”
  • When I will have my car
  • When I will have my own home
  • When I will crack that interview
  • When I will make my parents proud of me….. and so on

Till the time I said, “I am happy, don’t have any reason for the same”, and instructor replied, “So you played my role”.

Throughout our lives, we keep on waiting for that ideal moment, for that person, for that job, for that promotion, for that “Yes”, for that dream home, hence we postponed our happiness.

A beautiful line from Zindagi na milegi dobara song,

“Paate hum hai zindagi ik baar

Kyun na kare khulke hum isko pyaar

Jaane kiska hai hamein intezar

Ke zindagi yehi hai aur yehi”

Let’s face it :

Yes, I myself have been dependent on people and things for happiness, till the time I realized happiness is “within”. And it is not an “act” but a “habit”.

We keep waiting for happiness.

“You received a call from special ones, “wow” you are happy”

How about the waiting time, your anxiety, your lack of focus to the moment?

“You got a raise of 30%, “wow” you are happy?

How about the stress you took to think about 30% hike day and night, talking about it, wishing about it, praying for it, did you missed the important moments?

Exist, live and celebrate

So this is something I have already done. First level is we are merely existing for the sake of it. Second, is we are living moments and enjoying our lives, and third stage is when we are celebrating not just our joys but also our sorrows. Just imagine, how beautiful your life will be if it will be celebrated most of the time? If you can dance with your problems, you become unstoppable! And trust me once you are happy, then it comes by its own, you need not “work” on it.

Happiness is a conscious choice

Happy people are productive people. Happiness is when you learn to take things lightly, you chose to respond, you chose nothing can disturb your peace of mind, you chose to let go of things that don’t hold any value, you chose not to give your “mood” control to someone else, you chose to focus on self, you chose to work on yourself more, you get so busy in doing important things in your life that you have no time to think about unimportant stuff.

Coping up with challenges?

If you aren’t happy with yourself how could you expect someone else to make you happy? We keep on looking for 1 person who would come and change our lives, rather than we should focus on our selves, get busy in doing our stuff and you never know that person also arrives.

So if there is anything that is disturbing you may be your job that you hate, may be relationship that isn’t working, may be salary hike that you didn’t got, now what will you do will you crib about it, think about it day in and day out, complain about it ? Or take some action that can make your life better, may be start looking for a New job, may be speak to your partner straight, being assertive and saying to your boss that you are not happy with the appraisal.

The first path is very easy, second one needs lot of courage. But the choice is in your hand. Choose it for your own self, no one else is going to do it for you.

IQ/ EQ what about HQ (Happiness Quotient)

Employees/ employers cannot perform to the peak if they aren’t happy. And I am sure the way intelligent quotient and emotional quotient is being judged, a time is not far when HR’s would want to check happiness quotient and then hire a person.

Google CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

Google has happiness Officer at place, who is responsible for emotional wellbeing of employees. According to his self-made job description, his goal is to “enlighten minds, open hearts, and create world peace.” He has created beautiful module on emotional intelligence and meditation that every employee goes through,

What worked out with me?

I believe in accepting challenges, dealing with them head on, working out, being in nature, meditating, spending “Me” time, deep breathing, listening to music, dancing, reading, being with best people around, do not let anyone give “key” to my moods, laughing at the same time learning from my mistakes.

It has helped me being productive, and have ensured to enjoy the journey rather than thinking and talking about destination.

Also in my training’s I have ensured to add experience in life of people, than give them learning.

“You should happily achieve something and not achieve and then become happy”- Anthony Robbins

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