The Power Of “Small work”



Have you ever heard people saying, “This is just too small to start with?”, “I don’t deserve to do this work”? “I deserve to have better package and better profile, I just cannot start with so small”?

As said, “The journey of thousand miles begin with the single step”, for this you have to take that 1st step.

Every successful person started from small in fact very small. The point is how well you do that “small work” that distinguishes you from the crowd.

What Shahrukh says :

Shahrukh Khan use to work in theatres, and at initial stage he got just 1 line to speak in entire play. He said, “I would rehearse it 150 million times and I would believe that the whole theatre of 600 people, fathers, mothers and daughters, were waiting just to hear this line. Believe me that moment was made for me. I never felt small doing it.”

It’s not what you do, but how well you do

It is not really what work you do, but how WELL you do. If you can do your best in small work, undoubtedly you will do wonders as you move upwards in your career.

Giving your 100%, putting your heart and soul is a characteristic that either you have or not.

In movie Sultan, Salman Khan started his wrestling career in village, after being best there he targeted next level matches and did wonders.

Winners aren’t made in 1 day

If you give your best only when you get better money or get some recognition, then certainly whatever you are doing is merely for survival. But if you value your work, if you have zeal to create an impact, if your work is beyond “Just work”, a time comes when you become unstoppable.

Winners aren’t built in a day, there attitude their beliefs, way of handling situation, giving best shot each time, from early days of their career makes them winner. It’s just we see them and recognize them when they have reached to the TOP.

So, If can give your 100% to small work, later all these small work combined will give you BIG results.



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