Am I following the RIGHT path ?


A question people often ask me in training sessions, “How do I know if I am moving in RIGHT direction?”

I said, “Anything that makes you better and not bitter is RIGHT path”

And it is applicable everywhere, career, relationship, health, etc.

Bitterness and betterness in career

I remember when I was working in my job, I wasn’t happy, there was an emptiness that I use to feel each day. I was frustrated, felt helpless and felt like running away from the world.

Contrary to now when each day I do something I love doing it. I wake up each day with new hopes and dreams, there is fire in the belly to rock the day.

“Dil Khush jahan, teri to mazil hai wahin”

Bitterness and betterness in relationships

Same is in relationships that we don’t want to be, we are stuck, we feel defeated, and hence it makes us too bitter. We become someone we are not. And that’s what a red flag is you need to move out before it kills you.

On the contrary if you are in right relationship, you will feel uplifted, it will add on to your strength, it would take you to next level. It will set you free, and make your life fulfilling.

Remove Bitterness:

As said:

“Woh afsana jise manzil tak lana na ho mumkin,

Use ek khubsurat mod dekar chodna acha”


Easier said than done, but trust me once done you are certainly at the NEXT level in your life.      



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