Heartbreaks hurt REALLY?




Heartbreaks are common, and I am sure at least once in your lifetime,you have experienced it.

The fact of life is your heart will be broken, by someone you thought never will.

Heartbreaks happen because of the gap between “what you thought should happen and what actually happened”.

Heartbreaks could happen just once, fewer times or many a times, depend on individual choices.

It is said, “Nothing is impossible”, if it was true why our heart break? Why do people depart?

The brutal truth is “some relationships will be impossible” for us, and hence heart breaks.

The intensity of pain differs; your heart may be broken in 2 pieces, 50 pieces or worst 1000 pieces. More important the person, more are the number of pieces.

Further, it is not necessary that other person would also go through same pain. He/She might not experience pain at all, or it can be severe than what you are facing, depend on “what value you had in their lives”, may be not at all or may be a lot.

My Heartbreaks

Even my heart has been broken, not just once but fewer times. It became worst when it was broken into 1000 pieces. I was totally lost; the pain was so deep that it was difficult to be in senses. I merely existed and worst I lost my own self, till the time things started changing for better.

“One of the best way to mend the broken heart is to love self unconditionally”

Brighter side of heartbreaks

In heartbreaks, we are so much immersed in our pain that we fail to see what good it has done to us. With me, I started loving myself unconditionally, I started doing things I always wanted to do, I started adding lot of experiences in my life. I started recognizing and building my own self.

“After heartbreaks, only 1 thing should happen heart – make”

The reason for heartbreaks can be many. What is important is to take lesson and move on for self!



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