Hilarious Experience with Shopaholic !


Few weeks ago,I and mom were at Mumbai, for holidays. It was long awaited trip and I was super excited. It was time to relax, see new places and enjoy it to the fullest.

But things never happen the way you plan, especially when you are with shopaholic.

Day 1Weight Lifting

It started off with shopping, same day even I was excited as even I like shopping.

I was seeing streets, observing people around, culture and my mom was going from 1 shop to other. It got on my nerves when I was holding 7 bags, weight around 5-6kgs.

I felt as if I am doing weight lifting, which I had never done before.

I was tired, I wanted to go back, but she had world’s energy to shop, and she continued to shop.

                                          “If shopping doesn’t make you happy,

                                                                 you are at wrong store”

Day 2: Movie Plan cancelled, because of shopping

This day I had planned for city tour. But my mom had left few things at same place we have been, so first she has to go there. I said fine till 3 pm we will shop then plan for movie.

Shopping began again, and it was 4pm, I said “we were supposed to go for movie”. She said, “I am left to buy some stuff and we will not be coming to same place again”, & shopping continued, till 7pm.

I wanted to watch movie, but I was seeing live movie wherein I was helpless daughter with shopaholic mother.

My goal in life is to go on a shopping spree,

                                                  Without looking at single price tag”

Day 3: Trip to Lonavla cancelled, because of shopping 3:

Yes, this day we had planned for Lonavla. Place I have been waiting to go from long time. Mom said I haven’t purchased anything for me. It gave me mini heart attack. For 2 days she has shopped for entire world except her own self.

Did I have choice to say anything except fine?

My dreams of going to lonavla were shatteredL. We went for shopping this time mom had to do shopping for herself. She asked “How is this dress”, I said “Good”, and she says no not that great. There is something better waiting.

Why she asked, when she wasn’t convinced, Shopaholic people ask for suggestion but ultimately do what they want to do.

After shopping, we were able to manage to go for a movie.

                                                                 Who needs love?

                                                 When there’s a thing called Shopping?

Day 4: Flight Delay and shopping continues…

It was time to go back to Indore. We reached airport and realized our flight was delayed by 2 hours, without even thinking or asking my mom started shopping. Yes at airport and I was thinking why on earth these airports have shopping stuff.

I am sure had there been certifications, I am sure my mom would have got BLACK BELT in shopping.

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