An Unexpected Proposal!


If you are married and you get a proposal from a married person, how are you going to react?

Quite difficult to think, isn’t it? Had it been college days, receiving proposals is a common norm,  and you may accept or reject, depending on your choice.  You have that prepared mindset.

I happen to meet one of my close friends recently; she is married and is working in a startup. To grow business, she was looking for some marketing strategies. She happen to get connected to her college time senior for the first time, as he was doing well in marketing.

She called him for the first time, and gave her interesting tips. However, she wasn’t prepared for what was coming next.

He said, “I have a confession to make”.

She said. “Yes, please tell me”

He said, “I had a huge crush on you since long, say 2007”

She was surprised, didn’t knew what to say. She was married, he was married. They had never spoken earlier and what was this?

Usually girls get an instinct, if someone likes them. But it was something new they have never spoken ever.

After a pause, she said “OK, I truly respect your feelings; you have courage to share your feelings. I am sure now you might be feeling light”

And then he said, “I love you”

She was shocked, for a moment she felt in which world I am in.

So, till the time you say girl indirectly you like her or you have a crush on her, things are fine. But the moment you directly attack, it becomes too awkward to handle.

She was uncomfortable, but he made her realize “How special she is and has been to him”

After analyzing this situation, I was able to jot down few learning’s on relationship:

  • You never know how special you are to someone, so be yourself and enjoy life to fullest. Don’t try to be someone else.
  • Life is too short to be in unhealthy relationship, get out of it. You never know some MAGIC is waiting to happen after that.
  • The biggest regret you can ever have in your life is not sharing your feeling to someone you love. If you share there are 50% chances you will be rejected, and 50% you will be accepted. But if you will not share, there are 100% chances it won’t work out.
  • Stop trusting words, just trust ACTIONS.
  • Many a times even closest of our people fail to understand, but a stranger can really make you feel at ease. Life is all about adding new experiences. Add it, feel it!
  • You won’t get answers of all your questions, and its ok if some questions are left unanswered.

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